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Welcome to Carter & Lou Studio, where I bring a host of personalized services to elevate your brand. Specializing in branding, strategy, logo creation, and web design, I'm dedicated to ensuring your business shines uniquely.

Embracing the belief that every client is one-of-a-kind, I collaborate closely with you to tailor your messaging for a perfect representation of your brand. My mission is to meticulously design packages that align with your project's distinct requirements, guaranteeing your satisfaction with the end results. Dive into your options and find the service that will propel your brand to new heights!

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I have it all covered


Brand Design


Speak volumes through your brand with a meticulously designed logo – it's the personality, the style, the vibe that resonates with the world. Let's bring your ideas to life, shaping them into the perfect representation for your business or project with my logo designs!

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custom packages//custom brands

My tailored branding package provides you with essential brand elements, tools, and resources, ranging from personalized logos to templates for social media. Additionally, I offer a curated brand style guide to ensure consistency and cohesion across all your brand expressions. My range of services encompasses:

LOGO DESIGN Crafting all distinguishable company logos, primary and secondary logos, personalized marks, and brand icons.

BRAND IDENTITY Tailoring individual color palettes, typography styling, font pairings, hierarchy, and guidelines for color usage.

BRAND + SOCIAL MEDIA ASSETS Crafting business cards, brand stationery, packaging, signage, and various physical merchandise. Developing social media graphics, templates, profile and cover photos & icons, as well as email marketing templates for a comprehensive digital presence.

BRAND STYLE GUIDE Developing a distinctive style guide that encompasses all brand standards (typography, color codes, usage guidelines, styling notes) to ensure the enduring consistency of your brand.

Web Design

custom packages//custom websites

With a winning blend of streamlined systems, vibrant design, and enhanced functionality, I can craft a unique website that not only reflects your brand but also frees up your time. Let's create a custom online space that allows you to concentrate on what truly matters in your business, family, and life. My range of services encompasses:

WEBSITE DESIGN Crafting personalized website pages, encompassing service pages, landing pages, online portfolios, case studies, blogs, contact pages, product shops, press kits, and more.

WEB DEVELOPMENT I'll bring your website to life, covering everything from creating simple pages to setting up custom forms and questionnaires, integrating shops, enabling eCommerce, ensuring your site is responsive on all devices, adding special functionalities, and setting up essential elements like SSL Certificates.

FOUNDATIONAL SEO Delve into effective SEO with keyword and market research, content structuring, keyword implementation, image optimization, metadata and alt text refinement, integration of Google Analytics and Search Console, and post-launch submission of your website to Google.



Bring your brand to life online with a tailored digital home. Your website will become a seamless, strategic, and personalized experience for your customers or clients. Unlock the full potential of your business with my website design package – giving your brand the online storefront it truly deserves.

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COPYWRITING + EDITING I begin by providing custom content questionnaires to assist you in strategizing and organizing website page content and marketing funnels. As a professional copywriter, I polish and optimize every element, crafting original and captivating website copy infused with SEO strategy.

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I typed in the address for my own website to check something. It came up so fast, and looks so impressive that I literally said "Holy Crap" out loud! Taylar not only made my site visually impressive but streamlined my brand!

LEE J. TURNER | 2Twenty2 Studio

frequently asked questions


What does it cost to work with me?

Every project is unique, and we start with an introductory call to understand your design needs and business goals. Following this, I provide a personalized project proposal and quote tailored to your project, ensuring a precise reflection of its scope and needs. Typical costs for website projects usually fall within the $4-6k range, although each project's pricing is customized to meet its unique requirements. I aim to simplify payments, with most brand projects requiring 2 installments and website projects or combined brand and website projects structured with 3, 4, or 6 payment options. All payments are due before project completion. Transparency is a key aspect of my billing process. I strive to eliminate surprise fees by providing a clear breakdown of costs. Additional charges may only include licensing fees for special plugins, artwork, or media. Any extra design time beyond the contracted timeframe is communicated in advance, and I offer both free and paid options before incurring any additional fees on top of the project total.

How long will my project take?

My availability fluctuates throughout the year, and I usually schedule projects at least 3 months in advance. The completion time for each Website Design project is approximately 9 – 13 weeks & each Logo Design project is approximately 5 - 7 weeks, contingent upon your response time and the scope of the project.

What if the service I need isn't listed?

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a deposit is part of our standard process to initiate your project. The deposit secures your spot in my schedule and allows me to commit the necessary resources to start your project promptly. The specific deposit amount and payment details will be outlined in your personalized project proposal. Rest assured, clear communication and transparency are fundamental to our collaboration, and I am here to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding the deposit and payment process.

What is your Refund Policy?

We value your investment and commitment. Given the nature of the services and/or products offered, please note that all services and products are non-refundable. However, each website design or branding product includes at least one complimentary revision, ensuring that we work closely with you to achieve the desired outcome.

If you have a specific service in mind that isn't listed, I'm open to discussing your unique needs. Feel free to reach out, and we can explore how I might tailor my skills and expertise to accommodate your particular requirements. I'm committed to providing personalized solutions that align with your goals, even if they extend beyond the services explicitly mentioned. Let's connect and discuss how I can assist you in achieving your vision.

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